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Probiotics for Feminine Private Care

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    By supplementing the vagina directly with plenty of good bacteria, this product helps promote the vaginal flora balance, establish a viable beneficial bacteria barrier, restore self-cleaning function of the vagina and, effectively improve the vaginal immunity against infectious diseases, and achieve the golden standard of female health-Degree 1 vaginal cleanliness(more than 90% of good bacteria). It helps improve symptoms associated with vaginal infection including itching, discharge and malodor.

    Product Name:MYSON Shan Yu Jun Active Freeze-Drying Probiotic (For Women).

    Trade Name:MYSON

    Active Ingredients:  Active Freeze-Drying probiotics and lactobacillus.

    Traits:The content is white or colored solid tablet-shaped.

    Effective Content:The total number of the live lactobacillus(cfu/g)=106

    Categories of inhibited and killed Microorganism:albicans saccharomyces and Staphylococcus aureus.

    Scopes of Application:

    ?Regulate the repeated disturbance of vaginal flora caused by pathogens such as fungi(mold) and bacteria;

    ?Regulate the repeated disturbance of vaginal flora caused by both the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine for “sterilization”

    ?Restore the vaginal floral balance post sexual activity, menstruation,abortion,pregnancy,and childbirth.

    Usage Method:After cleaning the vulva,wear the finger stall and put the product deep into the vagina for once every night.First time put two tablets and later put only one tablet each time.Using before bed recommended.

    Matters Need Attention:For external use,so do not take orally.The effect will be reduced when using with antibacterial product.They shall not be used simultaneously.A few people occasionally have symptoms of vulva itching, burning pain and excessive secretion during their first use. This is a normal phenomenon, and will gradually decrease or disappear with the continuous use of symptoms.

    Side Effects: Not Found Yet

    Dosage Form:tablet

    Specification:0.65g/tablet×6 tablets/plate×4 plates/box

    Storage Condition :Keep in dry and cool place,sealed away from light

    Period of Validity:24 months

    Approval No.:LWXZZ?2013?No.0032

    Executive Standard:Q/HMR09

    Friendly Reminder:This product should not be used for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life.

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